Nyuysuvidzem Eugine Yuver  was born on the 29th November 1971 to the family of Papa Mathias Yuver (presently “Shey woo Nkim”) and Mama Emelda Wirtum at Kifem, a small village in Mbam Valley of Bui Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. I am the third child to a family of seven and the first boy out of four. I entered Catholic School Kifem (under Kumba Parish) in 1977 and completed in June 1984 with the First School Leaving Certificate. Having succeeded in both the Government Common Entrance and the First School Leaving Certificate, I was granted admission into the first Cycle of the then Government High School Kumbo (presently Government Bilingual High School Kumbo). After completing my five years in the Secondary school I came out with the General Certificate of Education, Ordinary level in 1989 and continued to the Second Cycle of the same school. I came out with the General Certificate of Education, Advanced level in 1991. 
While in the Secondary and High School I had this urge of becoming a priest in the Catholic Church, as such I use to attend vocations camps under Kumbo Diocese during the third term vacations. In February 1992 I was recommended by Bishop Cornelus Fontem Esua, the then Bishop of Kumbo Diocese. I proceeded to the St. John Maria Vianney Formation Center – a pre-seminary preparatory year where I did 6 months and proceeded to the St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in Bambui in October 1992. I did two years in Bambui and fell sick with complications in my heart, brain and intestines. I was bound to stop studies since I was placed completely on special diet for treatment purposes. This is followed for 4 years until 1999 when I felt a bit stronger. I then decided that rest and left Kifem – home to Limbe where I rested for two years and opted to get computer knowledge. This is studied for six months, graduated and gained employment in August 2002; like an Internet Assistant at Frangel Center in Limbe. Here I worked for 4 years and was uplifted to the Manager. I handled Frangel Center successful up till 2008. During this period a number of persons were blessed to win the American DV lottery through me. I myself won the DV lottery of 2008 and things were really difficult for me financially as my junior sister Emmanuela Lishishar just succeeded in that of 2007 and we both struggled for her to travel. I left  for Frangel Center yo join Mr.ACTNETworks Cybercafe where I have been working till I got to know Help the Poor International in October of 2012 thanks to Ebai Nchong.

  "Seeking a poverty free world"