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We are trying to raise money of about $25000 and encourage the building and provision of pipe borne water system to the inhabitants of the villages of   Bokwai and Bomaka. Will you help? This simple gesture of providing fresh water to these needy inhabitants will help protect the environment and the health of the citizens concerned. Click Here to see more
Donate Now
In the spirit of oneness and with your support, we hope to work in partnership to enhance worldwide literacy level, health and wellness, build chance for economic /social growth, decrease youth delinquency and create an environment of self- sufficiency .Please join us in this quest by donating any amount of your choice which will go a long way to make a difference in the life of an individual in need.
Get involved
We're all a part of this vision as we struggle to help individuals understand their full potential.  That is why we seek your continuous support during this journey in building an improved planet by joining our neighborhood, imparting our advancement, and looking into the numerous ways you could be part of our work. Click Here to Volunteer

Donate now and tell the people you are in for a better tomorrow  because;

  1. they will be able to attend school
  2. they will be able to drink clean drinking water
  3. they will never sleep hungry and
  4. there will asses to good health care...

Get involve in the life of a child


  "Seeking a poverty free world"

Join a Day of action

Together we can make a more amazing effect more than any individuals or groups can do on their own. We all have something to give. Join our Day of Action program to offer once again to individuals in need where we can have an effect.