"Seeking a poverty free world"

Mrs. Diana was motivated to create an organization where the needs of the less privileged could be catered for in terms of shelter, education, food and other social amenities alike because of the deplorable living conditions she witnessed in her locality  while growing up . Her passion to help others drove her into volunteering in church philanthropic gestures where youth’s rendered services to the community on given occasions by cleaning the roads, providing care for the elderly amongst other chores. Her continuous quest to make a positive impact in the life an individual led her to assuming a volunteer tutoring position where she tutored, and addressed the needs of college and high school students with varied backgrounds, abilities, and motivations in Cameroon. In the early years of 2009, Mrs. Diana initiated the idea of a nonprofit organization that could become a focal point of meeting the needs of the poor through nutritional provisions, educational, health/wellness and other social provisions and named it; Help the Poor International (HPI). Currently, Diana works as a financial analyst at Higher One Bank and a private tutor.  So far, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in History, MBA in Global Management and is currently working on a Doctoral program with specialization on management in Organizational leadership. More importantly, she is working on a thesis titled “Leadership as a Paradigm for NGOs success” In her leisure time; she enjoys spending time with her family.