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Who we are
Help the poor International (HPI) is an international  Non profit/non-governmental organization 501c(3) organization registered in the state of Texas, HPI is devoted to working with local communities with special emphasis on youngsters, families, underprivileged groups worldwide. The aim is to achieve a full potential by handling the distress destitution and unfairness experienced by these groups of people to make a positive impact in their personal lives, respective communities and the world at large.

What we do
We provide educational grants and scholarships to help those deserving students around the world who could not attain basic education due to their financial inability.  Moreover, we provide social amenities like medical/wellness services to the sick, food and basic drinking water to those local communities where government impact is not felt. We believe that a bright and hunger free mind produces a great nation that is why we keep striving to make our services better.

Who we serve
As a philanthropic organization which is geared towards alleviating poverty in the globe through its educational, social and other recreational activities, Help The Poor International (HPI) is committed to serving all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. To this end we are working relentlessly to spread our wings to other countries in need of our services. Our headquarters is in Arlington Texas (USA), with our African office based in Buea, Cameroon, Africa.

Why we serve
Our motivation stems from our respective backgrounds and our pledge of making life for others different from what we experienced. As founders of Help The poor international, we experienced a childhood filled with so many hurdles as education was a difficult thing to attain due to financial difficulties. Although we succeeded to gain an advanced educational background, we made a pledge to work relentlessly to help other kids and families going through the same experience to gain more access to services we could not afford.

What We’re Doing

  "Seeking a poverty free world"

Help the Poor International (HPI)

 Founded: 2010

Registered: 2013

Founder: A. Diana A.

        Currently: Doctoral Learner in      Organizational Leadership/Management.

         Previously: MBA - Global Management

                              B.A, Hons History/international      Relations


Areas of activities:

Scholarships, Tuition, books, job training,

educational seminars & workshops, food assistance programs, medical/wellness programs, social amenities such as drinking water & recreational centers . . .


Tel: +1 817 524 7235

Fax: +1 682 323 8128

Help the Poor International

Millions of people suffer and die every year due to insufficient access to food, shelter education and medical/wellness. Help us change this trend

    We have a straightforward mission: to give more individuals access to health/wellness facilities, provide food to the hungry, educate the underprivileged, and most importantly provide other social amenities such as access to clean drinking water to the needy around the globe. While this is a trivial quest in a developed country, with little or no governmental support or social infrastructure, it can be incredibly difficult but with your support, we know we can reach our goals. The value of your support will make an incredible impact in the lives of the needy especially when $1.00/day can feed a family in Asia and Africa. Please join the course and help put a smile on a hungry child’s face or send a child to school . . .